Compare Jfk to Death Du Jour
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Compare JFK To Death Du Jour
The assassination of John F. Kennedy and the plot of Death Du Jour might not have a lot in common at first glance. But after a deeper look into the plots of both events you have a understanding that they are closer then you might have thought. They link in all the obvious ways, such as they are both assassinations, but there are also ideas placed deeper in the plot. They both share the idea of missing identity, each in their respective ways, with a conspiracy theory behind Kennedy and an unknown identity behind the Jackal.

John F. Kennedy was traveling on his motorcade in Dallas in November, 22, 1963. But just before 12:30 p.m. CST as the presidents limousine entered Dealey Plaza, and passed the Texas School Book Depository and continued down Elm Street, three shots were fired. The first is speculated to have missed the motorcade completely, the witness’s believed one of the cars backfired, or a fire cracker had gone off, so it did not cause a lot of panic. Though after this happened the rifleman shot another bullet, this time hitting President Kennedy in the back of the neck and exiting the front, this bullet also manage to wound the Texas Governor, John Connally, sitting in front with his wife and kids. After this shot the final shot was taken, this time hitting the President in the side of the head. This seems quite distant from the plot of Death Du Jour, there are 3 main aspects that say constant throughout the series of events. Firstly both assassins took the position of the building across the road for both of their shots, the Jackal in the apartment building facing Place du 18 Juin 1940, where De Gaulle was going to make his speech. Similarly for President Kennedy when Lee Harvey Oswald was positioned across the road in the Depository. Secondly both assassins used similar weapons, both a bolt action rifle. Though it does not specify what rifle the jackal used, due to his large modifications of the weapon, we can gather that it would not be to dissimilar to the weapon used in the JFK assassination; there Lee Harvey Oswald used a M91/38 bolt-action rifle. Lastly both assassins missed their first shot. Though the Jackals shot was a lot closer, and was a miss from pure miscalculation, Lee Harvey Oswald miss completely leaving the spectators believing it was from one of the vehicles or it was a fire cracker

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