Aspects of Abortion
Topic Proposal: Aspects of Abortion
All men are entitled to the rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Does this right apply to the unborn baby that has been suctioned out of the uterus of a mother who decided that her child was not worth deserving these liberties? Life begins at conception. Pro life supporters argue that abortion is a light term masking murder; a complete defiance of the existence of human life. By law murder is punishable, abortion should be no different. With media promoting teen pregnancy as the ideal life, Plan Parenthood giving birth control and condoms to minors without parental consent, sex is constantly being promoted.

After multiple friends with the experience of abortion, the subject weighs heavily on my heart. The after effects of abortion are mentally difficult to deal with. Each friend described their experience as a painful. Around the time of when their unborn childs birthday nears, they become disheartened. Reasons why women decide to abort the helpless be explored. Using Pepperdines Payson Library, research will be collected to review the pros and cons of abortion. Cost, medical conditions after an abortion, pregnancy due to rape, tax dollars, and the physiological pain and stress of abortion will all be evaluated from a negative and positive view. Each case of abortion should be taken case by case. We all say what we would have done, but we never know until we are in those exact shoes ourselves. Ignorance is the quickest way to self-destruction. Once educated on both aspects of abortion, only then, can one take a stand on abortion. Abortion is a mind puzzling decision that deserves suitable investigation to keep us from killing the next generation.

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