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The article’s name is “Almaty ‘gasps’ from cars’ CO2 emissions to the atmosphere”.          As the director of the “Kazgidromet” hydrometeorology service’s branch, Konysbek Bayedilov said, 90% of the whole air pollution in Almaty is caused by the road transport. This index is related only to the Almaty. In other cities, such as Temirtau, Karaganda, Shymkent, Ust-Kamenogorsk and Astana, air pollution is caused mainly from industry sector.         As Karagos Murzakulova, the head of chemical-analytical researches of the “Kazgidromet” said, last year Almaty held 27th place among CIS countries. She said that during the last 9 month the pollution index reached 11.2 and it is extremely high figure.         K. Bayedilov noted that situation in Almaty became better due to productive city hall’s work, particularly in realization of complex air pollution decreasing program for 2009-2018 years. This program includes increasing of the eco buses on the city’s road, gasification of the industry and business; and controlling the quality of the fuel.         The article is beneficial for our project because it explains what factors causes to Almaty’s air pollution and why. Additionally, it tells us what decisions the city authority do, to prevent those problems.        From this article, I learnt that road transport’s number surplus is the biggest problem for our city and the best solution is the developing public transport, such as buses, tram and underground in order to decrease air pollution.        Reference:                 Meta. (2013). Almaty ‘gasps’ from cars’ CO2 emissions to the atmosphere. Retrieved from the Meta web site:

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