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Where are you going, Where have you been.
It can be argued that there are many different degrees of rape, and that in this story Connie may or may not have been raped. Rape can only be decided on a case-to-case basis, because even the most ordinary cases are not all same. In my mind it is clear that Connie was raped, because there is nothing normal about her situation, mainly because its not every day that the devil comes knocking at your door. Arnold Friend had ways of manipulating Connies mind that an ordinary human wouldnt have been able to. If Arnold would have been some regular teenage boy, Connie would have definitely been able to make her own decisions, with little influence from Arnold.

Some may argue that Connie could have chosen to stay inside her house, and ignore Arnold, which is true, but Friend had very strong persuasion over Connies actions. Even though it was ultimately her decision to go with Arnold, it was not her normal mind that was making that decision. The story makes it clear that Friend has some sort of supernatural power, whether he is the devil, physic, or anything else along those lines. The first appearances of these powers come when Arnold first starts talking to Connie. Arnold evidently knows many things about Connie and her friends, but she has never seen him before. When Connie asks how Arnold knows her name, he cleverly talks around the question, not giving a direct answer.

Connie seems to have control of herself for the beginning of her confrontation with Arnold, but there is a point where she starts to feel uneasy. When Connie realizes that the kid in the passenger seat is kind of strange looking, she starts to feel unsafe and asks them to leave. Arnold replies, “We aint leaving until you come with us.”

Arnolds true character starts to show after Connie asks him and his passenger to leave. Friendly starts

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