Willingness Of Us To Go To War
Essay Preview: Willingness Of Us To Go To War
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What I am going to talk about tonight affects all of us. Not just us sitting in this classroom, but it affects everyone on this world. Whether youre in the U.N. or live in North Korea.

AmericaÐ and their willingness to go to war, for the preservation of their economy and their security.
Now, this talk is not anti-American, I have American relatives and I dont hate them. But what I do hate is this free world democracy spiel which the government are always belching out about.

How is America a free democracy with free pres when the countrys inhabitants are so Ill-informed about the rest of the world!
The media vilifies the Arab states e.g. Iran, Iraq, Syria even when it was America who installed the dictatorships in the first place for fear of single Islamic entity forming, and they support Israel who are in the process of genocide against Palestinians.

The media scares people into thinking that they could be attacked at any moment Ð- even people in rural areas with no landmarks of significance are quaking in their boots for fear of the bearded turban wearing Islamist blowing up their Wal-mart or something!

The average American is so scared and ill-informed that they even voted George W. Bush into power for a second term even though there is sufficient evidence to prove that his first victory was fixed.

Disenfranchised African Americans, people without criminal records, honest, hard working people were denied their vote. Is this racism??
The Bush Administration has perfected the art of the fear and consumption tactic.
Americans, for fear of their lives from the evil Arab, or the manic ethnic minority (as influenced by shows like cops and worlds scariest police chases) will arm themselves to the teeth and even join the army to fight overseas for what they are brainwashed to believe is liberation.

Iraq Ð- Saddam was indeed a brutal dictator, but bombarding a densely populated area with missiles is not the way to remove a man from power. What kill the victims and the killer will follow?

Weapons of mass destruction Ð- If there were any at all, wouldnt you have thought the US would have been able to track them down anyway? I mean where else would Iraq get WMDs from? Iran? The same Iran they were in a million plus casualty

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