The Application of Data Visulation in School Parkoing Lot System
DEATHIS IN 122 U.S CITIES-1962-2016. 122 CITIES MORTALITY REPORTING SYSTEMINTRODUCTION TO THE DATA SETThis file contains the complete set of data reported to 122 Cities Mortality Reposting System. The system was retired as of 10/6/2016. While the system was running each week, the vital statistics offices of 122 cities across the United States reported the total number of death certificates processed and the number of those for which pneumonia or influenza was listed as the underlying or contributing cause of death by age group. The data set includes the age range of under 28 days, 28 days – 1 year, 1-14 years, 15-24 years, 25-44 years, 45-64 years, 65-74 years, 75-84 years, and – 85 years. Mortality data in this table were voluntarily reported from 122 cities in the United States, most of which have populations of more than 100,000. A death is reported by the place of its occurrence and by the week that the death certificate was filed. Fetal deaths are not included, total includes unknown ages, and the average life expectancy of all races and sexes in this time range are also included. In this project, the expected outcome is using data visualization method shows the relationship between mortality number and average life expectancy.

The data source is

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