Pc Vs Macintosh for Music Production
Essay Preview: Pc Vs Macintosh for Music Production
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There are many factors to consider when discussing and comparing the two platforms, Apple Mac and PC in music production, such as cost factors, performance, productivity, and musical considerations. Each platform has its pros and cons, and each can be argued better than the other. However, its up to each individual musician to use and decide which platform is right for them.

Macs have always been more expensive. Adding to this cost is a hefty future cost of ownership. There is no way to upgrade your Mac, other than adding memory, and drives. You wont find motherboards, new CPUs, power supplies, cases and other parts you can put together to give you a new Mac out of your old one. That makes the Mac a disposable machine. You cant buy an empty Mac without a mouse, keyboard and drives. When you want a faster processor, you need to buy a new machine. If you are lucky you can salvage the hard drives. When you go with Mac and want to stay with Mac you are going to follow Apple through often expensive changeovers. So you will have to pay extra when feel your computer has gotten old and slow.

PCs are cheaper, not only initially, but also in the long term because they are upgradeable. In fact, you can even build your own PC from the very start rather than buy one off the shelf, and it may even be cheaper. When the system gets old, you can usually get away with getting a new motherboard and CPU and even new memory. You can sometimes get the equivalent of a whole new, much faster PC. You could upgrade your PC every two years and always have a fast machine.

The Mac provides a more conflict resistant system than the PC, so in the end, the Mac comes out being more productive. The time you save by not tweaking and troubleshooting things on the system gives you more time to work on your music projects. PCs can be tweaked and tuned for high performance. You can overclock the CPU, speed up the memory, optimize things all the way to hard disk cluster size. You can add bigger fans, add new video cards if you want and get it to give a superb performance. Yet all of this tweaking detracts in a major way from making music.

PCs are sometimes harder to deal with. With so many different motherboards on the market and several different chipsets controlling things, conflicts are more likely to come up. The makers of PC parts can release products before they are even finished, which means you will need to update them when you find the problems. Because of this market tendency, you have no choice other than to try to troubleshoot and fix these problems all by yourself when they happen. You may even have to and boot and reboot over and over again until the problem is solved.

With the Mac you get it the one way, right out of the box. All motherboards come from Apple. The OS comes from Apple. Apple

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