The Apology of Socrates
Essay title: The Apology of Socrates
The apology begins with Socrates telling the jurors that he is not experienced in court and the he will use a language that he is familiar with, the truth. He has been charged with, corruption of the young and not believing in the citys gods but rather in spiritual things. Socrates tells a story about Chaerephon and his trip to the oracle. This is supposed to show the jurors that he believes in the cities gods and the he is just doing what he was commanded to do. He is supposed to be a philosopher and accept the truth that he is the wisest man around.

Socrates argues that the charges are absurd and that it is a waste of the courts time. He continues his defense with questions, a lot of which he answers himself. In the end the jury returns with a verdict of guilty. In Athens it was custom for the guilty to suggest a punishment for themselves as an alternative to the death penalty. This is voted on by the jury. Socrates suggests that he should be given a wonderful meal for being such a great service to the city. The jury denies this and stands with the sentence

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