Imperialism Case
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Imperialism is a plan of extending a countrys power and influence through diplomacy or military force. Imperialism is the control of one or a number of countries by an authoritative nation. The control may be political, economic or both. It indicates a degree of independence in the subordinate nation. This essay will cover why the policy was adopted, how it was rationalized, some of the major events of this time, and what countries did the United States become involved with.

Imperialism was promoted by monopolizing the external trade of the subordinate nation. The domineering power takes raw materials from the colony and sells its finished goods in return, discouraging the development of any manufacturing company that may compete with its own. The Anti-Imperialist League did not agree with the way the United States controlled the other nations.

The American Anti-Imperialist League was founded in 1899, after the United States occupied Cuba, Puerto Rico, and the Philippine Island. The Anti Imperialist League was founded in order to crusade against the annexation of the Philippines. There were many policies that the League was trying to put in place. The league protested and stated that the policy known as imperialism is hostile to liberty and tends towards militarism. They contended that all men are entitled to life, liberty, and happiness. They accused the government of being disloyal to the principles of government and called it criminal aggression. Another policy that the league attacked was “the policy of the present national administration in the Philippines that seeks to extinguish their spirit of 1776. The league wanted the government to cease the war against liberty and grant the Philippines the independence that was rightfully theirs.

After the Spanish-American War, the United States had acquired new territories. The United States did not want to lose these possessions and desired to show the world that they are powerful. President McKinley spoke of how the U.S. should not give up the Philippines. McKinley says that if the U.S. gives the Philippines back to Spain it would be cowardly and dishonorable. If France or Germany were to acquire this foreign land it would be aiding there commercial rivals. McKinley also says that if they were left to govern themselves it would lead to anarchy and would be worse off than before. President McKinley expresses “White Mans Burden,” and believes it was his countries God given right to govern the Philippines. President McKinley chose imperialism to secure trade with Asian countries.

Many believed in imperialism for economic reason while others believed in it because they thought God had chosen the Anglo-Saxon to become the leaders of the world. In Reverend Josiah Strongs book “Our Country”, discusses how the Anglo-Saxon race is superior and will spread throughout the world as leaders. Reverend Strong says, “this race of

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