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Links between articles and anthropology class
As mentioned above, all authors didnt know what to expect when the issues were researched. They asked themselves questions and also compared greatly the society they lived in with their home society, which was North America. All three authors only realized the true answers at the end, when they looked at the big picture. As for anthropology class, there are many examples in which I felt like this. In our first assignment, cars as material culture, we had to go out and treat the Vanier parking lot as an archeological site. My first question was, “why do we have to do this and for what reason?” but after it was done and explained in class, I finally understood and then cared for the experiment. Many articles that are presented look at different cultures and their way of doing things, and at first it was very hard not to judge, but with time you come to understand that just because we live in a 1st world nation, doesnt make our way of doing things right. Everyone has reasoning of why they do things, and we have to accept what they do.

Links between articles and the anthropology textbook
One link between the textbook and two of the articles(cross-cultural and portraits of culture) to my opinion is that theyre both ethnocentric. I remember one chapter where they write about Neandertals in a certain time and they name the time Middle Paleolithic in Europe and the Near East, but for Africa, they use the term Stone Age. Why is that? In the articles, especially the one on the Abelam peoples, the author is constantly comparing their culture to his, and using his Ðdiploma in anthropology to define their real and ideal cultures. They should all stop thinking they are superior just because we have more money and more technology and think that theyre using this way because it works for them. As for the textbook, the writers should know better than to be ethnocentric! Theyre trying to teach us anthropology and thats not a good way to start.

Links between articles and other classes
In the article on racism, the author is trying to understand why we have it and when it begun. He does this by going back in history and always asking himself questions. The two other articles as mentioned before, judge the situation they come into but then understand and accept. When I started my semester, I didnt know how my classes were going to be like, so I asked myself many questions about the subject, and did

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