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Twelve Angry Men
Twelve Angry Men
Twelve angry men
After seeing the film twelve angry men just recently, I have been very impressed by the way the film shows how many flaws there are in the juror system of America. The flaws were shown by the jurors bringing their own values and beliefs into the jury room and causing prejudice and racism which clouded their judgment.

After watching this film, it lead me to wonder about the racism and Prejudice in Australia. The twelve angry men showed a lot of prejudice and racism from the jurors. Juror #10 was very Prejudice when talking about the kid. He kept saying “them” and “they”, referring to slums, he was saying that because one person born in a slum environment does something wrong they all do. Juror #3 was trying to punish the kid because his own son needed to be disciplined. Juror #

Despite its flaws, the jury system is our best guarantee that justice will prevail. The flaws which jurors potentially

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