Anger Management in the Young
Essay Preview: Anger Management in the Young
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[pic 1][pic 2][pic 3][pic 4]Acknowledgement: I am indebted to many people for providing me encouragement and support during my learning and working while making this research paper and I want to show my gratefulness to these people.I am very much grateful to Michelle Draper (McD), our respected course instructor of Advanced Composition (ENG 105), who assigned me this challenging work. She always guided me to take and overcome this challenge successfully. Without her help in every step it was quite impossible for me to finish this report properly in time.At every moment I remember all of my classmates who really encouraged me in every stage of this research project with their support, encouragement and suggestions which really helped me a lot to make this research work to be successful. Without their guidance and friendly co-operation, this work would not be possible.  Also I am grateful to all the fellows who provided me with their utmost effort. Without their help it would not have been at all possible. They have provided me with all the information and also supported me a lot.  [pic 5]Abstract:Anger is a valid, healthy emotion; it can be powerful and needs to be handled with respect.  Anger is a natural emotion but sometimes anger can lead to behaviour that is uncomfortable or out of control. Youth is a very critical phase in every individual’s life, often being a period dominated by turbulent emotions. There are many reasons why youth have trouble managing their anger and angry behaviours. Physical abuse, verbal lashings and other destructive behaviour are some common outlets of anger among youths. The purpose of  managing anger is not to prevent the feeling of anger, as there is no way to avoid our anger.  Anger management is a form of therapy that teaches us healthier behaviours while working on decreasing more destructive ones.  Everyone is different and not all strategies will work the same, so it is important to have multiple choices in learning how to diffuse our anger.  This paper will inform you about anger, why youths have failed to control their anger, how it can have a negative impact, and strategies to manage it in a healthier way. This paper will also show different anger emotions regarding gender. I was expecting that females tend not to be as aggressive as males in expressing anger and tend to talk about their anger more. After doing my primary research I came to know that it was really true that males are more aggressive in expressing anger emotion. Besides, it is important to understand that not all anger is unhealthy. Anger is one of our most primitive defence mechanisms that protects and motivates us from being dominated or manipulated by others. However, if anger is left uncontrolled and free to take over the mind and body at any time, then anger becomes destructive.Table of Contents: Introduction

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