ProblemsEssay Preview: ProblemsReport this essayAnd1 who had a mysterious meeting with someone from the Bronx, had arrived at the arena, and been training all day. During a short break from training, And1 views and notices what Hitman has had to say about him. All And1 could do is laugh. Not only does he find what Hitman had to say a joke, but he notices a joke in the fact, Hitman has crowned himself “Canadian Champion”. And1 takes a drink of Dasani water and then hears knocking on the door to his locker. He goes to answer it, and notices its Andy Blaze.

“What the hell you want?” says And1. Blaze replies, “Heard what Hitman had to say?” “Yeah, so what? He is a Canadian joke. He thinks he is hardcore but trust me, he aint anything but a little bitch boy.” “I see how you feel, you know, I said before I dont think you can win, I still stand by it, but you know what I want to do at least kick that immigrant ass of his. He thinks he could beat me, that sh*t is wrong. We never fought! He cant say sh*t, but if you dont win, teach him a lesson. Okay Rookie?”

Andy Blaze pats And1 on the back and And1 just looks at the hand“No problem” replies And1. “But, first Im going to get out there, and set that n*gga straight.” Andy Blaze says, “Whatever just dont do anything stupid.”

And1 then put his water down and leaves the room.Andy Blaze mutters, “I hope he knows what he getting himself into, he aint going to win. He aint going to win.The camera shows the ring area for GDWThe Arena goes black. A demonic voice appears saying, ” Straight Outta MuthaF***ing Compton…..AND1…..Bitch….”. The arena lights with various white and gray lights, while the arena is still dark. We Aint by the Game and Eminem plays, and just as the bass is risen on the song, And1 walks out in black Dickies pants, no shirt, and white Air Force One sneakers. He walks to the ring, with a slight smirk. He then goes into the ring and grabs a mic. He clears his throat.

“Hitman, Hitman, Hitman…What a damn fool you are. I cant believe you think you have me beat. But youre wrong. You cant handle the power that I bring. Im another hit. More like a miss, because you cant touch me. Wow. Hitman. That is so much bullsh*t. You know, youre beginning to entertain me, saying that you are now the Canadian Champion, explaining your wins and defeats. Well, first off, I bet you are the Canadian Champion. Youre not the U.S Champion; youre just a fake wannabe to the US Title just like the rest of Canada. Or should I say…United States Wannabes. So, you can have your second-rate, two-bit championship. While I win the United States Championship, and give this beautiful country something to cheer about. Second of all, you saying “I faced Rayne, I beat Coral, blah, blah, crap, sh*t.” You know, I dont give two pieces of sh*t who defeated or fought against. Instead of gloating, Id worry about whether

⁎I lost to the American, I was beaten in the first round by the Swiss. Who was outclassed by the Americans, and was getting shit done. That was the day that got me, right? Oh no! The Americans won the US Championship! The Swiss finished first, only to have both me and Rayne in the top 10. I lost to them 1-2 without penalty. That was the only time I lost to them in 3-4 matches. Even the Swiss gave me some great moments. And now with the title title just around the corner (I got 3 kills on the first 2 games and had just killed all the Japanese), I dont think we have to worry about who does that shit with more than a few shots! Well, at least they have me in the same situation. Maybe I’ll let it happen, but, man, it doesnt seem I am worthy of that title.I was the first ever US Champion at Worlds, so I must also be the guy who, if I were at Worlds, would win. I was in my second place in the World Champion Series, and my winning percentage is 50%, so this is a 1 point difference, but I have my own personal rating when it comes to who I should compete against. In total, I won the Championship, but never really realized who I was. I may have gotten to a point where I was a ‘badass’, but I could have won it. What happens if I keep messing up then, and I lose this time? I dont care to lose. I have to win.I won a few tournaments, but no matter who I am in the middle of everything, I cant afford to take a second chance. So, at Worlds? That is my goal, but I cant help it if it means me being out there and being so much stronger by my results. But for now, let’s say I win another tournament, and the only tournament that will make me feel some gratitude is an ESL show.I don’t want anyone to feel too good about me for taking that chance on the biggest stage. Let me explain why: First let me say I am a Canadian who was not in the States when I was in my rookie year. I played for a couple of years and I got really good at that first level of soccer, but after that I took a break playing on the Canadian national team. I did make it to the US Championship, and then came back to the States, where it was a couple of years later, that I decided that it was my destiny to get back to playing for the Canadian Pro team and I decided to quit with the idea of staying as the next Canadian pro by quitting to play for another team. I stayed in New Zealand, and then joined the team of Rayne at the ESL Showcase two months later. I had a good time playing for the team, but once my team disbanded, I felt like my team would have to leave, so I decided to move out to the new place I was raised as and went back to my old team. It felt good that I got to do that and made friends. But right afterward I got called a little late on a couple of days after I had just made it to Worlds, and then I took my chance to do some international stuff. And when they came back to the Americas, they had lost their tournament. Which I could not believe, they played a very

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