The Role of Theater in Ancient Greece
Essay title: The Role of Theater in Ancient Greece
Sean Holland
Greek and Roman Mythology
The Role of Theater in Ancient Greece
The concept of theater that began in ancient Greece around the year 600 BC. Dramas were part of the celebration in honor of the god Dionysus in Athens. During the festivals, hymns called Dithyrambs were sung between characters choruses. Every year two festivals were held in Athens, one of which being exclusively dedicated to Dionysus. These festivals included contests for the best tragedy and best comedy. They became a longstanding tradition in ancient Greece and today it is clear they have managed to become central in society as a whole. We go to the theater today purely for entertainment purposes. However, the ancient Greeks had a very different purpose for the performing of dramas and comedies. This paper will explore their purposes.

Once of the main purposes for the theater in ancient Greece still must have been as a source of entertainment. It was a religious ritual, however, people came and the fact that they were entertained must have certainly made the experience more bearable. We began to see the immergence of modern drama as actor were introduced to the theatrical stage where before only a chorus existed. There was music and hymns accompanying the performances. It seems to me that the entire production offered some enjoyment for its viewer. It brought people from all over the nation of Greece together in a way they otherwise wouldnt have.

This gathering of people had a second, and very important, function; it brought in enormous sums of money

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