The Unsolved Puzzle: Psychology
The Unsolved Puzzle: Psychology
“The purpose of psychology is to give us a completely different idea of things we know best”, Paul Valery once said. People believe what they know is the absolute truth, but psychology with its intricate studies of the human brain unravels the opposite side of the spectrum. Psychology is the scientific study of the human mind and its functions. This field continues to fascinate seekers of multiple perspectives and then infatuation created an endless interest in pursuing the science of psychology. It takes a long and laborious journey to become a competent psychologist, who can understand, dissect, and manipulate the mind.

Psychology is an exciting field, and the history of psychology offers the opportunity to make sense of how it had grown and developed. The history of psychology extends back to ancient Greece. Aristotle was one of the first thinkers to develop the theory of proto-psychology. Another ancient Greek philosopher and Aristotle mentors, Plato, provided some useful insight on the human mind which was based on his upon his elegant ‘Theory of Forms’. The interested student will have no trouble finding an abundance of resources on Ancient Greece and psychology.

The job of a psychologist can be one of two things, underwhelming, or overwhelming it all depends on the person. The basics of the job involve, conducting scientific studies of behavior and brain function, collect information through observations, interviews, surveys, and other methods, research and identify behavioral or emotional patterns, test for patterns that will help them better understand and predict behavior. In short a psychologist seeks to understand and explain thoughts, emotions, feelings and behaviors. There are different types of psychologist and the work they do varies from health and illness to neurology and brain behavior.

In order to become a psychologist, one must first earn their bachelor degree in psychology, which is the equivalent of 4 years in university. A popular suggestion is to gain experience while still university, such as volunteering at a childrens hospital, mental health clinic, or even counselling psychology. The next step is to research a graduate program, learn the different programs to discover the psychology master’s degree for you. Once that step is completed one would choose a degree and specialty. The final step is to complete a doctorate in psychology, since most fields in psychology require a doctorate.

There are multiple advantages of being a psychologist to start off the

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