Analysis Of A Song-“When Will You Come Home (Ke Ghar Kab Aaoge)?”
Essay Preview: Analysis Of A Song-“When Will You Come Home (Ke Ghar Kab Aaoge)?”
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Music appeals to the people of all generations and cultures. The taste of music varies among different cultures and people, but one would hardly find an individual who has no value for it. Without music, our lives will be incomplete. Songs together with music keep our spirits alive. Entertainment is not the sole purpose of songs. Some other purposes include communicating a message, remembering some memories, relief of stress, and so on. Sometimes different meanings can be incorporated in a song in such a way that if a person listens to the song simply for entertainment, he or she could miss them easily.

Lyricists use songs as a medium for making money as well as promoting cultural ideas, reflecting on a problem, and encouraging people during adversities. One such song that helps people to live through difficult times and gives hope is “Ke ghar kab Aaoge (When will you come home?)” from the movie, Border. This song, written by Javed Akhtar, talks about how hard the situation of war is for the soldiers and how they have to sacrifice their lives and stay far away from their dear ones. Even though the soldiers are living in such harsh situations, they do not have any regrets because they are serving their motherland and protecting the people of their country including their families. These feelings are communicated by the positive attitude that the soldiers show towards life through the song. They have their hopes alive and believe that they will go back home soon and reunite with their families.

The song “Ke ghar kab aaoge” uses a very unique way of relating the Indian people to their culture. The setting of the song is the India-Pakistan border, where the soldiers have come for a battle. Meanwhile they miss the stress free days they spent in their towns and all the cultural practices they followed. When one of the soldiers attempts to send a message to his town he asks the wind to “touch [his] mothers feet” (Akhtar 60). He sends a very important message to the youth of India among which the cultural

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