A Worl of New Ideas
Essay title: A Worl of New Ideas
Inventions? Technological advances? What do these words really mean to us, and how important are they in our lives? When you go through life day by day do you really put into consideration the amount of greed there is inside of you, the better question is do you understand what greed is? Greed is, in a small non-descriptive sum, the yearning inventions and technological advances.

So what are some inventions, and, or technological advances, Televisions, computers, automobiles, maybe to an extent even some forms of plants. Take automobiles into consideration, they are used by millions of people for business, commercial, and non-commercial, home, and even sports. Automobiles are used for business purposes by transportation of commodities, or material items, and transportation to work. Home uses for automobiles are transportation to a friend, or a relatives house, and used for sports for purposes such as, drag racing, NASCAR racing, and so forth. So the question is how are these things, or how can these things be labeled as avarice.

Greed can be defined by saying that greed is the nostalgia for everything we do not need. By far these things are used in greed no matter what light it is shown in. You can walk to a friends house, but why do that when you can drive, greed. You can walk to work as well, but there is no sense when you dont have to. All things are done through greed. Racing, it is not a necessity, but is done for self-entertainment. Television is in the same context. T.V. is used for self-entertainment purposes only. Therefore stating all of these things is for self-benefit, in turn making them greed.

A more important question to be answered is how are these things relevant to our everyday

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