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Discrimination of Muslims since 911.
After the September 11 attacks in America, hatred, fear, and discrimination against Muslims significantly increased (Khan). The society in America sees Muslims as the primary source of terrorism, as depicted by the political figures and the media. About 17 years have passed since the attack on the World Trade Center by terrorists. The attack on the tower was carried out by two hijacked commercial planes that hit the towers living enormous destruction and death. After the attack, American society was devastated by the sheer numbers of people killed and the disbelief that America was under attack. Al-Qaeda, an Islamic terrorist group led by Osama bin Laden, was believed to be responsible. Ever since the event, America has engaged in anti-terror operations worldwide, targeting groups classified as terrorist organizations.

However, despite its efforts, security continues to be a critical issue in America and other western countries. As society came to terms with the attacks, Muslims in America began to face discrimination, hatred, and negative attitudes (Khan). Prejudice, fear, and intense hatred against Muslims are referred to as Islamophobia, especially when they are seen as a source of terror (Allen). The trend of attacks and discrimination continues to alarm crime scholars and the police who have registered a significant number of attacks. Some of the attacks include shootings, arson at mosques, and the threat of violence against Muslims (Lichtblau). Also, police and the media have reported attacks, especially against Muslims with traditional Muslim attire. The issue of discrimination of other people just because of their race or religious affiliation is critical. There are three different perspectives to look at when discussing the issue of Islamophobia, including the general public discriminating against them, the Christians, and the view of the Muslims themselves. Understanding the three perspectives is essential to solving the issue of Islamophobia because they address the causes and possible solutions to the vice.

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