The Louisiana Purchase by Thomas Fleming
Alex Rodriguez
History 2310
Dr. Hardin
The Louisiana Purchase by Thomas Fleming
Question 1: (A) Describe the Author. Thomas Fleming is a world renowned historian and novelist with his expertise being in the American Revolution. Fleming has written many nonfiction works on American History, as well as many novels about the American Revolution and other historical events such as World War II and the Civil War. He contributes regularly to American Heritage and many other magazines and is a frequent guest and contributor on NPR, PBS, A&E, and History Channel programs. A Fellow of the Society of American Historians, he has served as chairman of the American Revolution Round Table and as president of the PEN American Center. (B) What is the author’s background and training? After graduating from St. Peter’s Prep., Jersey City in 1945, Fleming spent a year in the United States Navy. He received a Bachelor’s degree, with honors, from Fordham University in 1950, and he was admitted as an honorary member of The Society of the Cincinnati in 1975. (Scholastic) Fleming has extensive knowledge in American History and has written over forty nonfiction and fiction titles, winning Book-of-the-Month Club honors in both fiction and nonfiction, the only author ever to do so. (C) Is the author competent to write a book on this subject? Yes, the author is very competent to write a book on this and any other subject dealing with American History. With over 40 books written over various historical events, the author has a vast knowledge and understanding of the American past.

Question 2: (A) How does this book relate to the author’s other works? Fleming’s books deal with the time period between the start of the American Revolution and going all the way to as soon as World War II. The most famous of his works deal with the American Revolution and the war for independence. Some of his other works include Liberty! The American Revolution, Washington’s Secret War: The Hidden History of Valley Forge, The Officers’ Wives, Everybody’s Revolution: A New Look at the People who Won America’s Freedom, and the first book he ever wrote, Now We Are Enemies: An account of the Battle of Bunker Hill, published in 1960.

Question 3: (A) Describe the Setting. It takes place in France and obviously the United States, more specifically Washington D.C. (B) The chronological scope of the book ranges from 1801 to the year 1803 when the purchase had been made. (C) The book contains detailed information about the history of the Louisiana Purchase and the struggle between the two sides to do the deal. It describes the negotiations that took place to make one of the greatest land transactions in the history of the world.

Question 4: Describe the author’s point of view.

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