Hcs 335 – Code of Ethics
Code of Ethics
Code of Ethics
Introduction: The American Red Cross is one of the leading international healthcare organizations, and identified for achieving world renowned code of ethics. This research paper will explore The American Red Cross’s code of ethics in detail by addressing the following topics; The American Red Crosss goals, ethical principles, the role, and importance of ethical values, social responsibility, and support of ethical values.

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Is there a social responsibility of the organization in the community?
The American Red Cross’s social responsibility within the community is to deliver emergency needs and services to victims of a disaster. If a community has experienced a disaster, The American Red Cross can provide shelter, supplies, and services as well as humanitarian aid, military and family support, emotional guidance (American Red Cross, 2015). Additionally, The American Red Cross is the primary supplier of the nation’s blood (approximately 40%). The Red Cross takes on the responsibility of striving for safer and healthier communities, by contributing to improving the lives of vulnerable people (“International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies”, 2016).

Explain. Provide details:
The American Red Cross has the responsibility to commit itself to communities that have experienced anything from natural disasters (floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, heat waves, etc.) to biological disasters (flu, pandemics, poisoning, etc.). Depending on the nature and damage of such tragedies determines how The American Red Cross will assist and to what extent; it will vary among disasters. For example, when tropical cyclone Pam struck Vanuatu in 2015, The American Red Cross deployed disaster specialists to Vanuatu as well as dedicated $100,000 to assist those affected. Additionally, The American Red Cross provided food, shelter, sanitation, as well as health activities. And

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