The Case for Teaching the Bible
Essay Preview: The Case for Teaching the Bible
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The Case for Teaching The Bible
In todays society there are various religion cultures that unite people. Studying beliefs and worshiping differs with religious organization and as a result people tend to live that life and follow its teaching. Therefore, when an individual decides to join a religion he or she should began to search for a facility that teaches the religion of their choice. More importantly, religions should be taught in a place, which is often done at church or catholic schools. Therefore, one agrees that the bible should be taught at home, church as well as public school provided that the teaching is legitimate to ones beliefs.

Ideally, the man is the head of his household and as a result he leads his family into the religion organization of his choice depending on their culture. Speaking from an American point of view, most women lead their family into the religion belief since many are single moms trying to provide the proper spiritual guidance for their children. More importantly, women are often seen without a man leading his family into church due to the fact that he is absent or perhaps workings. Nowadays, the women take full responsibility in teaching their children the bible and as a result the children develop faith in a higher power.

The church is known for teaching the bible, worshipping the lord and providing an individual with a great support system from the church congregation. In addition, one is in agreement with David Van Biema, the author of “The Case for Teaching The Bible” as he noted, “as long as we teach but dont preach it.” With that being said, that is why the Pastors are well known for being preaching the bible scriptures in the churches.

Indeed, teaching the bible in the public schools should be legal to a certain point at which teachers do not abuse the word for what it is really meant for. In addition, the public high school teacher in Texas, Jennifer Kendrick has indicated, “The class has “gotten a lot of positive feedback,” also “its going to really rise in popularity.” Ideally, with the proper theological teaching and credentials for teaching the bible in school as well as the teaching method should be the basics of the bible depending on the age group. However, one would have to be able to comprehend in order to get the complete message that is being delivered. Therefore, all

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