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Scene That Shows the American Dream
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Scene that shows the American Dream
The American dream is pursued by several people around the globe because the United States is a beacon of happiness and freedom for them, however, it does not come quickly. In the movie, the element of the American Dream dissolves into conformity. It poetically portrays the American quest for meaning and prosperity. Towards the ending of the film, a van carries away several immigrants that were smuggled in the country and were being auctioned by the owner of the garage. These immigrants were to be sold to the man that felt remorseful to the people inside the car. This aspect clearly shows what individuals go through even though it was accomplished in a brutal way for the sake of the American dream. This portrayal of events is a clear example of the price people pay in pursuit of happiness, the American Dream, Anthony drove them to Chinatown and then gave them forty dollars and released them into their natural habitat. This scene depicts one of the most compelling examples of the fundamental element of the American dream

Fulfillment of the American Dream
Daniel Ruiz highlights the fulfillment of the American Dream. He is a hardworking Hispanic immigrant that cherishes his family. This element is shown as Daniel currently resides in a beautiful house in a safe part of town and is committed to giving his family a better life. Daniel is living a very desirable lifestyle and providing for his family the opportunities that he may not have had the chance of experiencing himself (Persons, 2014). Daniel works as a locksmith, but his clients are not trustworthy. Jean played by Sandra Bullock is shown to accuse Daniel of being involved in gangs as he fixes her locks. Daniel ignores her sentiments, finishes his job and makes sure that he hands her all the keys and confirm that they are all to her preference. Daniel conducted himself with professionalism and the antithesis of this is that through the affection he shows at home for his daughter it is clear that he is focused on providing for his family the real American Dream to the best of his ability.

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