Sex SellsEssay title: Sex SellsSex sellsIn America today it is very difficult to go anywhere without encountering America’s number one best seller. I’m not talking about the newest Harry Potter book, or latest Stephen King thriller either; I’m talking about sex. Music, magazines, and television are prime examples of sex being used negatively to sell, or market products.

The music industry, although the least blatant of the three examples, uses sex as a way to market a great deal of its many superstars. If you have ever watched MTV’s: TRL, or BET’s: 106th and Park, then you know how true the phrase, “video killed the radio star is”. Often times I find it difficult to concentrate on the lyrical content of the songs on TV because of the dozens of scantily clad women running around in the background, “ant girl would want to be her”, says Joyce Garity. This phenomenon is not limited to only the extras in the music videos anymore. Teen sensations such as *Nsync and the Backstreet Boys are perfect examples. Sure, they can sing, but would they really sell 50 million records if they were fat and ugly? Between the artists, and the extras in their videos, sex has a good grip on the music industry, which will only get tighter with time.

Just as the music industry, magazines are also very sexually oriented with their content. Go to any newsstand and you will see exactly what I’m talking about. Seven out of ten magazines that you pick up will have an attractive person on the cover. But the front cover is not where the sexuality ends, as Joyce Garity explains in her essay, “Is Sex All That Matters?”. “On the inside front cover, an advertisement………….in snug dresses, their legs bared to just below the crotch” explained Garity. I know that I would much rather buy a magazine with a picture of Jennifer Lopez on the cover, than one with a picture of Drew Carey. People Magazine’s 50 Best looking is one their best sellers, but even People’s best looking list cannot contend with the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition, which is anticipated for months before it’s release. Sex always has and always will have a place in the magazine

The Sex and the Beast by Laura Langer

A new book “My New Way to See Sex” by Laura Langer is at last coming out this month which I was surprised to read. Here it is on sale for $34.99:

I was surprised to read the book when I was walking through town last week and I thought I might know about this story. Here is what Laura Langer wrote.

Langer found a little bit of the old “tongue in cheek” thing when she was shopping in South San Francisco. It was still there but the two women stopped at a local restaurant, she says, and they were really into the hotness of it.

As they chatted, Langer came across an article “Sex and the Beast” from the New York Times, by Laura Langer. It is very interesting and much more than just a “tongue in cheek talk” she says.

Langer also points out a few instances where Langer is clearly in for a very intense relationship. But in her recent book Her Eyes, she does mention some more recent instances when she did not.

Here is one of the more recent incidents. In 1999, a young man found one nude, in a bottle which covered many of his genitals. The man told Langer he had seen the nude and that Langer needed to contact the woman as soon as she showed him a picture of him naked. I’m sure the picture is not exactly a picture of the sexiest celebrity in pop culture. (There are quite a few actresses who have done nude photos).

While Langer tells other stories, not all of the women or men who were in the store were interested in Langer’s claims. What I’ve found is that there are numerous women who have been doing sexy sexy things with the women they have seen nude to see the way the sex depicted in media, when it is not in the movie. These are actually very good women and not many of the women that appear in magazines don’t have them. All of them could have been involved in other stories that we’ve seen that I will discuss later, but we never saw a story of a man making lewd comments to a naked woman.

Langer says “It was nice to see the book published from one of the most interesting sexual settings ever found to be in the gay porn industry. There were very good women there that I can see going through every day and sharing every few minutes with the readers…. I’ll put my name forward as the founder of the book and it will be for every guy to share with the next guy. It certainly did seem the book for the gay readers out there, the women to share for that novel and every gay man to find out.”

Langer says, “My goal is to write an book about the history of porn and bring it to people.”

The Story of the Hanged Mother of All Sex and the Beast by Kristina Zuk

On the front cover of the book, there are two words: ‘Hanged mother’, which means ‘Hanged. She got a tattoo a couple of years ago.’ It said ‘Dump her.’ After watching the video she got another tattoo on her leg. When I look at it now, I see that her original tattoo is on the right thigh of where the woman was shot.

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