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Kazuo Ishiguro wrote an amazing novel called Never Let Me Go. As you read this book you will agree with me that it has great literary merit. It also has the full potential to become a classic and to be taught in schools. In reading this novel one may feel that the book addresses out current world. In our current world the scientific standings are changing, and so are the morals in the people. As you read the novel you will become familiar with the Hailsham school, which is the school where the children never leave. In this novel you will also start to see that this may come in to play in our world one day. These children are raised to be donors. They are never allowed to leave their school grounds, they don?t interact with any other children and do not know any other way of life. This novel is a very great novel in that it has a very compelling plot, an insight to the human condition and the morals in society and in this book you will see the force the human nature and just what some people will do.

Many critics agree with me in that this novel is a great one and deserves to become a classic. For example Brooke Allen has stated ? His new novel, Never Let Me Go, deserves to become a classic, and if handled well it has the potential f being a great perennial seller in schools on the level of Lord of the Flies. Like William Golding?s work it provides both an encompassing metaphor for the human condition and the cautionary tale about the nature of the human animal.? Also as Mark Harris of Entertainment Weekly says ? The book?s irresistible power?.

First Point
That this book has a universal theme
This book is not a mystery nor a tale but this is a great novel. In this novel there is a secret. The secret is held in the school where most of the novel takes place. The center of this book is on the children of Hailsham . When the secret of Hailsham is revealed to you , you will find out that the children of Hailsham are not normal children but clones being raised to under go many procedures to remove their organs.

Once the organs are removed from the children?s bodies they will be donated. The children will be raised and once they are about twenty they enter a place where they will undergo their operations to remove the organs. Most of the people will complete which means die by the 3 or so operation. In the novel Ishiguro makes you very familiar with a little group of friends. There are three of the kids in this group and all the three are students of Hailsham.

Once the children reach there teens they are moved to a place called the cottage and at the cottage the children find out what fate has in store for them. Even thought the children know what is going to happen they still have things that they call ?dream future?. The dream future is when the kids dream of what they could of become if they were normal. While living in the school the kids can choose to make things, like art projects, this is because people want to see if the clones actually have souls.

The over all concern of this book is the reality that this could happen in every day society one day. When you have finished the novel you will agree that the nature of the human animal is only to look out for the things that they feel is important to them. This is proven in the book when you find out that the children are cloned just to undergo many procedures to remove their organs. And another thing that is very different about this novel is that the people who take care of the children feel that this is normal and see the children?s ?completion? which is when they die as normal. This is a reminder that in the eyes of our society this is something that is normal and should be happening.

Second point
A. This novel has a very good insight on the morals in society. As you read this book you will realize that this could easily happen in out society today. It is a post war country and they are willing to do anything they have to make

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