Sir Fries – Business Plan
Sir Fries – Business Plan
Mission Objective
To promote the mass acceptability of potato fries as an alternative Filipino snack through a network of mobile foodcarts
A brief Look
Doctors recommend taking snacks throughout the day in addition to the normal three meals a day
Common Filipino snacks normally include: Native Filipino delicacies (ricecakes, etc.), junkfood, Pasta, other party fare/finger foods, etc.
French Fries are sold mostly by fastfood outlets as an “add-in” to a value meal
Fixed market reach of fastfood outlets; currently limited to their location.
High lease rentals
Seasonal nature of the industry; results to a large amount of resources and time being left slack
Activities mostly regulated by malls (i.e. operating times)
What is it?
A self-contained highly mobile food cart that would serve flavored fries to various locations
Who are our customers?
Call Centers
What are we offering?
High quality fries at reasonable prices
Flavors offered:
Sour Cream and Onion

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