How Not to Spend You Senior Year
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She starts off talking about her life, starting from the third grade. She tells how when she was in third grade her mom was killed by a hit and run. Since then her and her dad have moved a lot. Thirteen elementary schools from third grade to sixth grade, five middle schools, 6 high schools but she stayed in one place for her senior year. She learned not to unpack when ever she goes to a new place. They have always moved into furnished apartments, and she now has learned that not all places come complete with a couch. She remembers every time she moved somewhere there would be the Phone Calls of Mysterious Origin which were phone calls in the middle of the night and her dad would answer them but he wasnt on for a long time so it couldnt be a girlfriend. And after the phone calls would stop, she would come home to her dad at the kitchen table with The Map. During her freshman, sophomore, and junior year they moved all over the eastside of Lake Washington. And at the beginning of my senior year we moved to Seattle, Washington. And I started school at Beacon High. And on that first day of school she falls head over heels in love. His name was Alex Crawford. The guy she saw across the classroom but knew that he would not remember her after that. She was standing in the parking lot looking up at this metal column standing straight up on the building and nothing on the end which seemed awkward. Alex came up behind her and said that a car use to be there but it was getting repaired. They began talking and walked towards the school. She was walking out of her first period class when Alex showed up out of the blue. He walked her to all her classes occasionally bringing his friend Elaine Golden. They all went to Drama class together and when they got there everyone was working on Shakespeare. Mr. Barnes made her join in with everyone else. Alex and Elaine did a scene from Romeo and Juliet. When it came time for the kiss Elaine pulled away as he was coming in for the kiss. The whole class was laughing. When the teacher asked some questions she accidentally said what she was thinking out loud. He asked her if she believed in love at first sight. At that moment Alex was looking at her and she said yes. The bell saved her from having to explain her self anymore. In the next few chapters, she grew closer to Alex and Elaine. She found out that she lived in the house next to Elaine and it happened to be her grandmothers house. One day while walking home, she saw that her dads car was in the driveway. He normally wasnt home that early so she knew something was up. She said bye to Elaine and went home. But when she got to her door Alex came running up to her. He asked her to the prom and then they had their first kiss. When she went inside she saw the picture of her mom was not hanging up. She assumed that they were going to move again. She went up to her dad who was holding the picture of her mom and crying. She told him that she wasnt moving and that she liked it here for once. He then explained to her why they had to move. He said it was because he had witnessed a murder and that person has been after him their whole life. He said that the killer had been caught but he was still very powerful even behind bars. The police said that they needed to move once again because the killer found the whereabouts of them. That night she called Elaine and said that she would meet her for coffee the next morning and that she couldnt come over because she was going out with her dad. But the next morning her and her dad had to fake an accident which “killed” them both. The ended up moving not to far from Seattle and she now went to Royer high. Her name was changed to Claire Calloway and her dad was to be locked up in the apartment until the trail for the killer. The next day she was to start school but she decided to go visit Alex and tell him bye. But when she got there he was in the theatre with Mr. Barnes talking about the tragic death. When he got up and left Alex alone she walked to Alex and quietly said his name but he didnt hear so she said it again. When he heard it he looked at her and fainted. Elaine came out of the back and startled Jo. She went up to Jo and Alex she asked her what happen yesterday and why she was reported “dead”. Jo quickly explained and had to leave quickly. When Alex woke he said he saw Jos ghost. The next day when Jo went to school, it was normal until 3rd period, Journalism. The other kids were reading Beacons school news paper to see their competition for the upcoming event. The editor of the schools paper was reading the story of Alexs ghost sighting. They had pictures of Jo OConnor in the back. They all looked at her and were amazed how much she looked like Jo. At that comment she was pretty shocked and didnt know what to say. Then Mark London which is the schools editor went up to Claire and was talking like he knew something was up. And he was pointing out facts that matched Jo to Claire. He then had a good idea that Claire should do the exchange, which means she goes to a different school and writes about her time and experience at that school in her school paper. She couldnt say anything so she accepted the offer although she knew Mark was up to something. On the first day she was to go to her old school for the exchange, Mark drove her to and from. As Mark was walking her to the Beacon school office, Alex Crawford came up and asked her name and introduced himself. This was a very weird conversation for Claire and Alex. Alex showed her around the school and tried to tell her that she looked a lot like his dead friend. He couldnt do it but she knew what he was thinking and said it herself. Later that day she talked with Elaine about the whole thing. All that week she did interviews ands talked more to Alex and Elaine. Claire was freaking out about the whole thing and started having nightmares. One morning Mark came in and put a stack of books on her desk. They turned out to be Jo OConnors yearbooks. He started talking about how she was never in any of her previous schools yearbooks. It seem as Mark was catching on. Claire had to put this ghost thing to a rest so she talked Elaine into helping her make another ghost sighting to Alex. They went to the theatre and waited for Alex to come. When he got there Elaine went to the lighting booth to set the lights to make it seem “ghostly”. Claire called out “Alex” and he was spooked, but she went up to him and explains to him he needed to let go. After he got over that he was talking to a “ghost” he tried to tell her he need to say

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