Fowler Is a More Likeable Person Than Pyle. Discuss
Essay Preview: Fowler Is a More Likeable Person Than Pyle. Discuss
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Graham Greenes narrative, The Quiet American, exhibits two vastly contradictory personalities. Thomas Fowler is a melancholic expatriate, hopelessly trying to hold on to the rest of his life. Alden Pyle is described as a “quiet American” and being more thoughtful, idealistic and punctual. It appears that Pyle is the more charismatic individual of the two, as he possesses more likeable qualities. His vibrant and well-mannered personality enabled him to be widely accepted by the vast majority of individuals in the novel. Pyle uniquely stands out as being humble and modest, as he puts others before himself, making him an amiable character. Despite this, Pyle had the tendency to also be naïve and optimistic, in contrast with Fowlers more favourable experience and wisdom.

Pyle possesses numerous personal attributes that make him a more likeable character than Fowler. His maturity is exhibited when female impersonators march onto the stage, and he states “lets go. Weve had enough, havent we? This isnt a bit suitable for her.” Pyles concern for Phuongs well-being proves that he truly cares for her. Pyle demonstrates excellent punctuality to whoever he converses with, especially to Phuong and Fowler. Fowlers sarcastic perspective on most of Pyles “York Harding” ideas irritates readers as he shows a severe lack of sincerity. Pyles intelligence is presented on several occasions, indicating his sound knowledge of the world at such a young age. On the day of the square bombing, Pyle took initiative to warn Phuong not to go to the milk bar to ensure that she was safe. He displayed formality and politeness when he courteously declined an offer to have a drink with Fowler after being rejected by Phuong. Despite his humiliating and undignified position, he managed to remain well-mannered whilst leaving Fowlers apartment. Pyle also possessed an enthusiastic initiative, in which he irrationally travelled through enemy territory simply to tell Fowler of his affection towards Phuong. This unnecessary, courageous action emphasises Pyles unrelenting attitude and ultimately make him a very intriguing character.

An unmistakable indication of Pyle being the more likeable character is the fact that he is relatively selfless. Pyle was unpretentious by not visiting Phuong without Fowler being in the vicinity. His modesty and humble nature are exposed when he states “I promise you I wont see Phuong until you return, I dont want to feel later that Ive been unfair in any way.” Rather than being arrogant, Pyle is depicted as being impartial and reasonable with Fowler. Pyle heroically rescued Fowler against his own will, even when Fowler stated “If it had been you, Id have left you.” He patiently tolerated Fowlers desperate complaints, his relentless objections of vexation; because he felt

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