Alcoholism and Social Services for Women
Essay title: Alcoholism and Social Services for Women
Alcoholism and Social Services for Women.
Alcoholism is a chronic disorder characterized by dependency on alcohol, repeated excessive use of alcoholic beverages and decreased ability to function socially and vocationally. (Western Dictionary). Here in the United States are 60 percent of alcoholic women. Studies show that women are more likely to die from lives and heart damage; they tent to lose control of self-esteem. Also women who drink alcohol are physical abused.

To begin with women alcoholics suffer more from livers and heart disease, have been attributed to then defferent ways in which women metabolized alcohol. Women get drunk easily because they have less of a stomach enzyme that digests alcohol. Women’ blood alcohol levers (BALs) tent to be higher after imbibing the same amount as a man. Doctor Mark Prendergast Neuroscientist of the University of Kentucky said, “It’s controversial, but more of us are starting to recognize the likelihood that the female brain is indeed more sensitive to the deleterious effects of alcohol,” Alcoholics women suffer more severe motor problems and cognitive impairment than men do.

Alcoholism among women is a big issue because alcoholic’s women are associated with depression, anxiety and loneliness. (Harperc G. 1990). Some women are more susceplibled specially those in the age range 35-49 years, single women, divorced women. (Masson, Archambault JC 1995.) Alcoholics women use to have poor image, they do not care of about their clothes. Also alcoholic’s women do not have pleasure times that life offer to them. “Alcoholics considered stable alcoholics showed greater effects on their daily life, including simple activities like walking and shopping than men.”

Alcoholic’s women are a problem because they neglect their responsibilities and they abuse their family. Alcoholics women tent to abuse their children when there are under the effect of alcohol. Also alcoholic’s women do not take care their house.

Almost 40% to 50% of female alcoholics have had at least one suicide attempt. Compared to 8.8% of non-alcoholic women. (Harper C. G. 1990).
2-50.5% of Younger women who are alcoholics are nearly twice as likely to attempt or commit suicide compared to 25.5% of older women.
3-57% of female victims of intimate violence for their spouses and boyfriends reported that the offender had been drinking at the time of the offense.
4-An estimated 25% of women on probation, 29% of women in local jails, 29% of women in States prisons and 15% of women in federal prisons had been consuming alcohol at the time of the offense. (Greenfeld, L. A. L Snell, T.L C 1999) women offenders.

Cause of alcoholism
The cause of alcoholism can be produced by psychological problems, sociological and physiological problems. Some people believe that the genes could obtain it.

Sometimes having men involved in women’s treatment actually keeps them from disclosing some of those sensitive issues, and they found that women bring with them a sense of shame that perhaps men don’t said Tim Sheehan executive director of Hazelden. Shame and Stigma are the major barriers to women who want to quit drinking.

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