An Inconvinient Truth Short Report
Essay Preview: An Inconvinient Truth Short Report
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I had heard about global warming but never knew exactly what it really was. I had some clue to what it was, because of the warming in its name; when the earth will one day boil and decay. After watching the documentary my suspicions were somewhat similar to what Al Gore was explaining, but not completely.

From what Al Gore had explained, global warming would contribute to two things. Firstly that if greenhouse gases are building up in our atmosphere, then more of the suns rays will get trapped onto our earth, this would formulate the sea and water around the ice caps to heat up which will slowly melt the polar ice caps. Many people had heard this theory before and even more people believed it. I hadnt expected to hear that the polar ice caps were mirrors protecting the earth from heat by reflecting the suns rays back off the earth. With no mirror the earth will boil with or without us knowing it.

The second really surprised me. Hearing it for the first time was complicated to understand, but from what I have learnt global warming might cause the next ice age. This would surprise anyone as it did me, but after thinking about it Id rather die by freezing to death than to burn slowly from the inside out.

Al Gores animation of the frog I thought was very well thought out, both in its hilariousness and making us think of our world.
The frog representing earth. The water representing our atmosphere and air, and the boiler obviously representing the sun.
But who or what was the hand? I believed that the hand is everyone, that can make the slightest difference by contributing into saving our world. The hand also represents the people who caused the growth of greenhouse gas in our atmosphere. Because they still have a choice to stop their evil ways.

This is the first actual documentary about global warming

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