Evaluate the Claim That Immigration May Be a Solution for Ageing Problem
An ageing population refers to a slow increase in the percentage of median ages and a profound rise in seniors with a drastic reduction in birth rate. This situation occurs in some highly advanced countries such as the UK, the Italy or the US. Currently there is a increasing number of individuals moving from their home countries to more developed countries for different social or personal reasons. A few arguments concerning that international immigration might threaten host countries have attracted attention of the public. Particular emphasis is placed on the question of whether immigration is a beneficial method to alleviate population ageing in some developed countries. The target of the essay is mainly argues that the immigration is a wise option to ease ageing problems even though we cannot expect it to resolve this issue completely. The structure of this paper is begin by possible risks triggered by international immigration on ageing problems,the second section shows that immigration, to a large extent, contributes to soften ageing anxieties and that it helpful to strike a wise balance of population structure in the society, finally concludes with personal positions as well as feasible suggestions.

Admittedly, concerns about the possible harm caused by international immigration to ageing problems are not unfounded. It is possible that immigration from different countries can be unfavorable in the longer term. Murray (2008,P13) has examined that this is primarily due to the fact that migrants will grow old in one day, they then might play an rather important role in aggravating ageing problems at that time. As a result, the receiving countries need to attract an even larger number of new working age individuals to achieve a population balance so as to ensure the sustainable growth of economic. Otherwise, these developed countries would leave themselves in a rather disadvantageous position in today’s market. Based on these facts, there will be some reasons to believe that immigration cannot be used as a remedy to tackle ageing problems in low-fertility nations. What is worse is that it may even aggravate the ageing population in those following years to come.

On the other hand, however, it has to be conceded that international immigration helps to soften the problem of ageing in some advanced societies. In the first place, immigration seems to be positive and promote the development of economic growth. Murray(2008, P.13) has noted that there are quite close relationships between international immigration and economics throughout the world. To be more specific, since the trend of ageing is one of the most attributable reason why the first world country have not enough working individuals and leave us difficulties to pursue sustainable economic growth, immigration can be regarded as an effective way to fill the skill gaps in labor market and create some new business models in the company. This is might due to the facts

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