My Christian Believe Has Changed
Essay title: My Christian Believe Has Changed
Different cultures usually have different moral values and most of them are tie to the tradition. African culture has perhaps the best approach on that though. I come from an African country called Angola, located in the Southeast of Africa. Like almost all African countries my country’s territorial division made at the Berlin Conference of 1884-85 that regulated European colonization and trade in Africa just brought upon us confusion, because they divided disregarding the people that were living there, their culture, their religion etc. Many African nations were converted to West European forms of Christianity during the colonial period. When the Portuguese arrived in Angola they also disregard the people that were living in that territory. They brought their culture and their religion and by force try to implant upon the people the culture and religion. My father was born in south of Angola and my mother was born in the north. Both sides of the country are slightly different in terms of cultural and Christian beliefs. That was because the Portuguese colonized the littoral north and implant their culture and religion more aggressively than the interior south. Both regions had a strong catholic influence rather than any other Christian believe. African Christians are more socially conservative than others Christians around the world, so the acceptance of others Christian’s denominations such as Anglicans, Methodists or Adventist was not accept without some strong opposition.

My father grew up in a catholic seminar from age 10 until he was draft to the Portuguese army at age 19. So he had a strong catholic background. My mother was raised in a catholic family from the north of the country. She grew up as a young house keeper until, at age 22, she went to an internal nursing school attached to the catholic religion of Angola. So both my parents are Catholics and I was born and raised Catholic and have lived most of my life as such until I got baptized and became Seventh – day Adventist. My father was a true catholic, as a matter of fact, he belonged to the regional catholic administration in Africa

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