Getting Past Katrina By Juan Williams
Essay Preview: Getting Past Katrina By Juan Williams
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The essay “Getting Past Katrina” by Juan Williams focuses on the increasing poverty of
population in the country and discusses the possible ways of escaping it. The author talks
mostly about African-Americans whose poverty rate has increased since the beginning of
this century.
The thesis sentence of the essay states that the shock of Hurricane Katrina awoke many
of the Americans to the reality that poverty persists even after implementing different
social reform programs.
The problem is that the majority of people remain poor because they dont know how to
help themselves escape poverty. They are discouraged from doing better in life as they
rely too much on government aids and welfare programs that do not give solution how to
fight this poverty. Also, the author blames the racial and political arguments between the
right and the left that failed to help them solve this core problem.
The author supports the main idea with shocking statistics: the number of Americans in
poverty is 12.6 percent overall, the number of nations children in poverty is close to 18
percent , the poverty rate of New Orleans blacks is 35 percent. The other examples that
prove the real facts are that a Pew Research Center poll found that two-third of black
Americans and three quarters of white Americans believe that too many poor people are
overly dependent on government aid.
He turns to protect and to be on the side of black poor Americans who were depicted in
Hurricane Katrina aftermath on TV as criminals, rapists and looters – those claims turned

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