Afghanistan War 1978
Essay Preview: Afghanistan War 1978
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The Afghanistan War began on 27 April 1978 with Saur Revolution when Afghanistan Democratic Republic was founded instead of Afghanistan Republic. After the revolution, opposite group of the government uprisinged. Nur Muhammad Taraki was selected as president and Hafizullah Amin was selected as vice-president of Afghanistan Democratic Republic. They had different political opinions from parchamite group that was together with Taraki in the revolution. Thus, member of parchamite group exile to distant countries. Although at the outset Amin and Taraki supported each other, a conflict came out between them. One day Amin was wanted to serve as overseas ambassador by Taraki. Amin ignored and resigned. At that time, a fire was opened on the politicians. Amin was unharmed, Taraki was killed. Then, Amin became president. In that period of time there was a big rebellion against to communism. However, Afghan government could not keep under the opposite group, so, they wanted help from USSR. Soviet intervened to Afghanistan and Amin was killed on 27 December 1979 and one of the exiled politicians, Babrak Karmal, became the chairman. Even after the intervention, events continued. Moreover, anti-Soviet propaganda began to span among Afghan people as much as Soviet thought to withdraw from Afghanistan. According to Kalinovsky, after Andropov had given the reports about his trip of Kabul to Politburo, withdrawal from Afganistan was suggested. However, Ustinov and Gramyko spoke against this; besides, Gramyko said they had to provide Afghanistan security completely(2009, p.52). Clearly, in the beginning of the intervention, there were protests of Afghan people. So, Afghan people organised a major protest in the first months of 1980, they attacked the Soviet embassy and camps. 40th army of Soviet joined Afghan army’s operation to keep the protests under control. Local people who supported by Muslim countries with jihad commitment against to atheist communists began to combat against to Soviet Army in guerilla war and Soviet utilized Afghan soldiers by supplying pay check. Soviet utilized different ways to quell rebel groups. One of them is to bomb near sites of guerillas; thus, people who lived near site of guerilla was forced to flee their homes. Another way was bribe. Soviet bribed to tribes and guerilla leaders to stop rebellion. Also Soviet used KHAD(Afghan secret service) to infiltrate mujahideen. The guerilla war continued until 1987 and in this year Soviet began

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