Importance of Psychology in Nursing
Essay Preview: Importance of Psychology in Nursing
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Gone are those days when nurses are perceived as assistants to doctors, waitress at hospitals and housekeeping staffs too. With the advent of modern technology, advancement in science and both empirical and theoretical research in nursing and allied science the role of nurses has changed over the years. It will not be wrong if they are regarded as eye and ear for both clients and doctors where they stand as an interceptor, translator, advocate for both patients and doctors. The primary goal of nurses is to look after the well being of patient at any cost. By saying wellbeing, it signifies both physical and mental as health is defined as wellness with respect to physical body and mental segment by WHO (Hapell, 1997). To execute their duty at optimum level contemporary nurses are required to know much more than disease, conditions, procedures, diagnosis and treatment. Without having an insight into the patient mind and mental level assisting them and facilitating optimum health care for fast recovery wont be possible.

Medical admission, procedures may trigger different types of psychological problems not only in patients but also in their family members. For example- when an infant gets admitted for cancer therapy the psychological strain and stress among family members is inevitable as well as understandable. This type of situation demands nurses to be more than intervention provider. They must recognize these spots in their settings and during their practice which will lead to holistic treatment of patients (Murphy and Girot, 2013). Research suggests holistic treatments leads to better and faster recovery as compared to simple medical interventions. When nurses are well equipped with psychological nursing knowledge, it becomes easier to deal with most difficult mental health patients too. It is a common fact in health care settings, nurses meet resistance from patients while administering medications or treatments prescribed. This issue can be resolved when nurses through their psychological intervening ability will come to know the reason behind their resistance. It needs proper study of fear, anxiety, depression and other conditions among patients (Merick et al, 2012).

The nursing practice in past few decades was used to be associated closely with the medical model of ill health but in todays time the nurses are expected to have complete knowledge, competencies and appropriate skills so as to meet the upcoming holistic requirements of health of residents of aged care they are taking care of (Farquharson et al, 2013). The biopsychosocial model of health given by Engel incorporates the psychosocial factors which went on to influence greatly the current structure of nursing practices. According to Borrell-Carrió et al (2004), the model presented

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