Advantages of Internal Recruiting
Essay Preview: Advantages of Internal Recruiting
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Working for a company requires time, dedication, and focus. For one, when an employee is hired, he or she will most likely undergo appropriate training, in order to be familiar with the job task. This, as a result requires a lot of time for both the employer and employee to set up the training, and provide necessary training documents, and other materials. This also requires focus on the employees part, in order to absorb the wide range of information about the company, safety rules and guidelines, and job task. That being said, showing dedication and interest is the utmost important task for the new employee, so that he or she can prove themselves a great asset to the company.

Let us assume that a month goes by, and this new employee has exemplified outstanding working skills, competence, professionalism, and is truly a great asset to the company. In addition, another employee had to quit with a two-day notice, and management is in great need of a new employee to fill the position. Does it not seem reasonable to consider an internal employee for this position? According to Chukwuma Asala, “With the exception of entry-level positions, most organizations try to fill positions with current employees. The Internal Recruitment is the most favorite source of candidates in the stable and developed companies” (

To the companys advantage, internal recruiting will be cost efficient, in that extensive training will not be necessary, maybe a one- or two-hour meeting to go over specific job details. In addition to training costs, management will save on advertisements for a new job opening, as well time cost for management to train and interview a prospective employee. In addition, a survey that was conducted for the New York Times job market says “More than half of hiring managers (55%) say that employees hired from within their organization are more productive than new hires from outside their organization.” (

To the employees advantage, internal recruiting could possibly come along with a higher pay, depending on the position to be filled. In addition, the employee has grown accustomed to the working environment of the company, team members, most importantly familiarity of the company mission and values. As author Abishek Agarwal mentions in his article “Internal Recruitment -Advantages and Disadvantages Explained”, “Internal recruitment could also be a great way of keeping workers who may have been considering a flight from the company, this is advantageous because the cost of training are at most best insignificant and to the worst much less than it would cost if the organization advertised outside. Its definitely faster and less costly than outside recruitment and it has the added merits because current employees are a familiar entity.” ( Therefore,

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