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Just because your dad does not always say that he loves you doesn’t mean that he doesn’t. Romulus in the novel does not verbally express his love to Raimond even though he valued rigorous truthfulness above most things and that he would never willingly lie as Raimond recollected. Instead he expressed his love through care and devotion to Raimond, walking “up to eighty kilometers for a litre of milk or for a small sack of beans.” Additionally Romulus also expressed his love to Raimond to Mrs Smolak but not Raimond maybe fearing that it would affect the way he grew up. Romulus was overheard by Raimond saying that “My son was everything to me.” I told the student that this was a perfect example where love can be expressed in defferent forms and that you don’t have to be told that your loved. Instead you should be able to feel it through your fathers actions.

In the adult life, not everything is as black and white as it seems and that sometimes grown ups must sacrifice their leisure life to complete their responsibilities. Yes your father may work a lot but he does this to support you and his family. Romulus sacrificed his much of his time and early years of his life to provide enough money to give Raimond the education that he so desired and to buy large quantities of fruit to give Raimond. This sort of care gave Raimond the love he needed and compensated for the love lost on his mothers side. Although Raimonds life in Frogmore was Spartan but he never felt poor because he was happy and content with his life. This can be seen when he shares key fatherly bonging experiences with Romulus such as sleeping together with his father on the verandah when the house became unbearable in summer. Also it is seen that Raimond was content with his life when Romulus would buy a rainbow cake for him which he remembered that he thoroughly enjoyed. I told him that his father

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