Freshness That Lasts
Essay Preview: Freshness That Lasts
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Freshness That Lasts
The notion of Freshness That Lasts is a creation of freshness that could last ultimate. The words Freshness that last makes people think that they will be looking stunning and sparking all day where ever they and what ever they are doing. An advertisement that graved many young peoples attraction is the Ad of Gillettes body wash and clear gel deodorant; published in the April 11th edition of Popular Mechanics Magazines. The ad visually very plead to all viewers dost not matter which gender they are belong to, the ad build craving impression to viewers that do you want be fresh and good-looking like this all day long.

This ad is very appealing both visually and verbally; the ad is very appeals to ethos, pathos, logos and fallacies, which makes this ad so significant and attractive. The ad shows the body of a strong looking young man who just came out to the shower wearing a plain white towel after taking a shower with Gillettes body wash, and he is looking sparkling, charming and clean. The stand shower made with modern amenity with glass door where the wall and glass are watery. On the same picture the face of the same young man at office wearing a light blue shit with black tie is super-imposed on the towel wearing young man. He is also talking on a black mobile phone with charming smile and behind him is a man wearing construction gears and holding a construction plan. The young man is looking very energetic, smart and fresh that and body language. On the bottom left corner of the ad its display the large blue bottle of Gillette body wash along with small grey bottle of Gillette clear gel deodorant. The ad also bears a shining logo of Gillette with big capital G and the slogan The best a man can get on the bottom right hand corner. Finally, the mid-bottom part of the ad where it says GILLETE FRESH & CLEAN BODY WASH. OUT – OF – THE – SHOWER FRESHNESS THAT LAST. Below that a description of the product is given in white color ¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬New Fresh & clean body wash has been engineered to extend that just – out- of – the shower freshness beyond your shower. For total body freshness, use with Gillette clear Gel Anti – Perspirant/Deodorant.

Firstly, logos is a quality of message and clarity of the argument its self. Logos create the logical appeal to the audience with logic of its reasons and supports. In this ad, Gillette is trying to sell its customers freshness in the form of their body wash. They are trying to convey the message that to the audience regarding their product that the use of this unique body wash will provide long lasting freshness. Later on, they introduce an anti-perspirant that has to be used after shower in order to keep that total body freshness intact all day long.

Secondly, the ad is very catchy and it generates

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