Consumption and Mass Media Part 2
Consumption and Mass Media Part 2
The ad of choice is a pretty powerful advertisement because the ad speaks out to all teens and young adults. The Ad Council ( has teamed together with communication industries, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and all facilities of the media to express No Texting While Driving Campaigns. This ad speaks to the world about the dangerous behind texting while driving. Many commercials such as; AT&T advertises real stories and victims who share the cause and effect of texting while driving. One million people chat and text while driving each day (Ad Council). People feel pressure to remain in constant contact, even when behind the wheel. Drivers fail to realize are the dangers posed when they take their eyes off the road and their hands off the wheel, and focus on other activities other than driving

The campaign targets the young adult driver to focus on the prevention of texting and driving. Young adult live in a busy world where multi-tasking is needed but carried behind the wheel of a vehicle. Driving while texting is not multi-tasking, it is essentially driving blindfolded. The danger is in front of our eyes all the time drivers must always be aware and attentive. Young adult drivers are only exposed to what is advertised on Television and there is way to the situation at hand.

The Ad Council reached out to social networks such as radio, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. These social sites are all used to communicate globally and that was the goal. Accidents do not pertain to a certain race, age, or gender therefore everyone around the world should be informed and aware. I hope that the Ad Council continues the fight to stop texting while driving because studies show sixteen percent of all drivers younger than twenty are involved in fatal crashes reported to have been distracted while driving according to Virginia Tech Transportation

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