What Is Self Sufficiency?
What is Self Sufficiency?
Self Sufficiency means different things to different people. That is clear. Self sufficiency starts with knowing what you can do for yourself and your family. For me it means doing the best you can to keep yourself and family reasonably healthy, happy, prepared and not unreasonably dependent on others. It doesnt mean you arent part of the community or economy, or there arent inter-dependencies, but rather you pull your own weight and maybe then some, depending on your abilities and interests.

Assessment Process:
An initial meeting with the FSS Coordinator includes a detailed assessment of your strengths, vision, goals and barriers and will take approximately hour.

Action Plan:
An Action Plan is then developed that documents the responsibilities the family must fulfill and sets specific, individual goals that the family works toward to become self-sufficient. Each goal will have a completion target date. The designated head of the household must participate in appropriate job training, attend school, and/or be employed during the term of the contract. The Action Plan is reviewed and revised regularly with your FSS Coordinator.

Individual training and service plan
The individual training and service plans will outline activities such as basic literacy training, diploma completion, college work, vocational training, volunteering, or employment readiness classes. Personal or family counseling as needed, childcare, transportation, and other family services, would be included when available as supportive activities.

Individual training and services plan means a written plan that is prepared for the head of the FSS family, and each adult member of the FSS family who elects to participate in the FSS program, by the FSS coordinator in consultation

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