Genres Of Action Heroes
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Genres of Action Heroes
Action movies are a big hit in the motion picture industry today. The multitalented people that lead the roles of these movies are known as “Action Heroes.” They come in all shapes and sizes. Their skills are numerous and uncontested against all foes. The more common heroes are known as the “Brute Action Hero,” the “Nerdy/Intelligent Hero,” the “Female/Incentive Hero,” and of course the “Good Hero Gone Bad.” The movie “National Treasure” has examples of all these actions heroes.

The first hero, “The Brute,” is always strong, both mentally and physically. He has quick reflexes to avoid constant danger lurking around every corner. This also makes him almost impossible to kill. The Brute rushes into situations and usually comes out on top. He has the ability to out smart and overtake most of his foes. In “National Treasure,” Nicolas Cage plays a “Brute Action Hero” trying to find a great treasure that is thought to be mythical.

The “Nerdy/Intelligent Hero” is commonly the one who has a small build and is usually a defenseless person. This hero has unmatchable intelligence and an unlimited amount of resources to insure the job gets done. This nerd mainly comes up with some sort of concoction to defeat his enemies. Often, this heros primary job is providing gadgets and information to a frontline “Brute” hero. Hacking and other computer related skills are this heros domain. Even when hes directly confronting his own enemies, he is not really a “hands on” hero like the “Brute” is, instead working through intelligent solutions. In the movies this hero can be counted on to give comic relief throughout the picture. In “National treasure,” Justin Bartha portrays this hero type exactly.

The next hero is a loosely fitted name known as the “Female/Incentive Hero.” This hero contains so many different attributes and we all know that a woman can play any other of the heroes in this essay. This hero type however, provides motivation

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