Action Cameras in Infotainment Industry
Essay Preview: Action Cameras in Infotainment Industry
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The nature has bestowed us with a wide spectrum of enchanting scenic beauty and marvelous creations on the planet, and even beyond the planet, in cosmic horizon. Till date we could visualize it only in form of illustrations or static images. But now with technology paving its wings in almost all spheres of life, we are acquainted with the live happenings in the world. The credit goes to the regime of photography. The domain of photography has captured the hearts of millions. High definition cameras have set a milestone in the infotainment industry endorsing channels such as Discovery Channel, National Geographic Channel, Animal Planet, Discovery Science, etc. The capturing of fine picture quality, the sleek sharp moves are all the outcomes of a novel technology know as ACTION CAMERA TECHNOLOGY. ACTION CAMERAS are designed with the perspective of hands-free operation, wireless usage which could be handy to operate and easily potable with an imperative feature of rough and tough handling capable enough to bear all the jerks of motion. The prerequisites in the designing of ACTION CAMERAS are that they should be shock resistant, water resistant, and durable enough to endure the wears and tears of rigorous dynamic activities. They are light weighted and uniquely rugged properties make them shatter proof.       The invention of ACTION CAMERAS emerged as a boon to the people belonging to sports fraternity. Sport is an enthusiastic activity which appears thrilling both to the sportsperson and also to the spectators. Earlier one could only get glimpse of his favorite sport through static images or by mere fragments of recordings. But now the scenario has transmogrified entirely with the invention of this marvelous gadget, which could enable anyone to indulge vicariously into the adventure of sports with the same degree of zeal and enthusiasm as the protagonist itself. Mountain climbing, scuba diving, paragliding, formula one racing and many more to be enlisted sport activities have never been so much captivating to the spectators that it could drive one to the degree of nail biting ride of excitement before the advent of ACTION CAMERAS.The catchy features of ACTION CAMERAS are that it could be easily mounted on the helmet or to the drones which facilitates overall coverage and shoots images and videos easily from the perspective of a particular subject whether in water or on terrestrial surface. For example bike riders wearing helmet having inbuilt ACTION CAMERA can ensnare all the leaps-bounds, slides, sharp turns that they combat on the course of the racing track. Not only this, we can also witness the events happening in our ecosystem with the aid of ACTION CAMERAS. As we know that our biota comprises of an array of flora and fauna, which we might have never encountered with live experience. They help us in bringing to light and acquainting us with most of the unseen species of our ecology. Their life cycle including habits and habitat is captured by ACTION CAMERAS with intricacy and high definition.

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