The Integration of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
Over the course of 30 years the integration of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome in the media has brought upon us many challenges in attempt to educating the public. The movie, And the Band Played On is an accurate depiction of the AIDS epidemic and how it spread across the world. The movie illustrated the reactions of many different groups of people such as the gay community and also the medical community. With an emphasis on the research of AIDS, the film also showed the way the government had dealt with this situation at hand. In this film we see the transition of the definition of the epidemic from the ” gay cancer” to AIDS.

The film began by foreshadowing the outbreak of AIDS by showing many citizens in the village dying of Ebola. The attitude and ignorance of people influences others to properly understand the facts about the virus. The film thoroughly outlined the events of the AIDS epidemic by headlining, dates and places leading up to the big outbreak.

And the Band Played On provided many several facts with dates and places but the film had focused on specific characters, which made it subjective. The film revolves around the characters of Dr. Don Franciss team and the government officials and their views had influenced the audience. The film emphasized the Center of Disease Control and the events that took place in the lab. From a subjective view, the film provided the audience with a mere sense of what it took for the CDC to figure out where this disease, originally known as ” gay cancer” arose from.

And the Band Played On was a very powerful depiction of the chronicles of AIDS. This film was very accurate in its portrayal of the emergence of AIDS into society with its dramatic feel. There was a lot of emotion shown by the characters, which I feel made, an impact on the viewers. The scene of the young man in the hospital, looking out the window to the graveyard was very touching. The emotion in that scene was very powerful as it showed the harsh realities that some were suffering. Watching this film had provoked my concern of the virus and also the governments reaction and procedures during an outbreak like such. In the film, the government had made a very subtle response and it appeared that they only put minimum effort in their research, solutions and lacked coordination. I feel that if this had happened in my time it would create a great deal of panic within the world because people are already accustomed to so many other viruses that have broke out over the years. Although I thought this film was excellent in its portrayal of events, I was not happy with their focus on media. I felt that they gave very little attention to the general public and that most of the opinions were those of the gay community.

This film emphasized the social

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