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Job Redesign and Workplace Rewards Assessment: (Company Name) USA Corp
PSY 320: Human Motivation
November 27, 2006
(Company Name) USA Corporation was created with the idea of expanding sales of (Company Name)s products into the North American continent. (Company Name) USA at first searched to add an additional factory in the United States but dissuaded by the prohibitive initial capital required for that enterprise. (Company Name) USA then became a broker for (Company Name) Corporation Japan and its affiliate companies operating in 39 countries around the world.

(Company Name) USA is committed to providing quality product to its customers. The customers are reassured by having a contact in the US that is able to respond to orders, new specifications and, provide status on their needs without dealing with time zones of opposite polarity. (Company Name)s mission statement is rather abstract in form as is the norm in Japanese businesses.

“Complex developments in conjunction with simplification characterize state-of-the-art systems engineering. Information networks tend to focus increasingly on both diversification and specialization. As these trends suggest the keys to progress and creativity in modern civilization can be said to lie in the skillful control and merging of mutually contradictory concepts. This process can be likened to the growth of mans ego through registering and synthesizing a vast array of ideas, concepts and impressions. As a leader in innovative technology, (Company Name) Corporation has pioneered a completely new field aptly called “Composite Science.” Backed by intensive research and development together with complete dedication to quality, this new field successfully integrates an extensive range of new technologies and materials to create unique composite materials essential to the creation of new improved products. Based on the belief that potential for “Composite Science” has no boundaries, (Company Name) Corporation is dedicated to accommodating the needs of society not only today but also for future generations. This conviction is the impetus behind our constant challenge to pursue limitless dreams and possibilities. Your continued support and guidance will help us in our challenge to realize visions of a better world in the 21st century ((Company Name) Corporation, 2002).”

Koyama Hiroyuki writes that a Japanese Mission statement “contains fine words indeed. But can employees get a clear image of what their role should be and how to fulfill it from reading these words? The mission statement is so abstract that it can be no help in the everyday pursuit of business affairs.” (1997, para 17)

Hiroyuki further illustrates by using excerpts from the mission statement of US based Texas Instruments to show that its employees are given clear, definitive instruction on their roles instead of high-minded “fine words”(1997, para 17). Employees of (Company Name) USA Corporation know what his or her job is but the details of what is acceptable and what is not, is not clearly defined nor is it likely to be.

Employee motivation suffers as a result of the undefined expectations of the company. Analyzing the position of Assistant to the President for job satisfaction, intrinsic and extrinsic motivation, rewards, and goals will illustrate how undefined expectations can negatively impact motivation.

Responsibilities and Work Environment
The Assistant to the President is responsible for all accounting functions from data entry to trial balance. The accounting segment of this position represents approximately 70% of work accomplished. Other responsibilities include: purchasing, cash management, trend analysis, office administration, payroll, shipping, receiving, information technology, collections, research of various industry data for analysis, and customer service. Accounting functions are performed independently, with review conducted during presentation of monthly financial statements and management financial reports. Accounting functions are performed in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles and new or unusual situations are referred to a Certified Public Accountant that prepares the end of year financial statements for the Parent Company Board of Directors annually. As the accounting function is a major portion of the workload, the motivation for this position depends on the employee aptitude and understanding of accounting principles. Being in charge of all the accounting functions provides a sense of control or power. Accuracy and keeping the books balanced is not enough however. Management looks to place blame on the employee for not monitoring costs carefully enough if expenses are higher than budgeted or expected, even though the additional costs were all submitted for or by management. This type of “blame” is a source of negative motivation to check and recheck numbers and entries repeatedly looking for mistakes that do not exist. On occasion, management has requested changes or attempted to institute policies or procedures that are contrary to law or generally accepted accounting principles, due to differences in Japanese and US accounting standards. The assistant pointing out the unacceptable policy or procedures must obtain confirmation from both the US Certified Public Accountant and agreement from the Japanese Parent Company in addition to reference material and research initially provided as evidence of the proper practice. During this process, a constant atmosphere of pushing to acquiesce to managements directive is endured until confirmation from outside the company is received.

Other job responsibilities previously mentioned are generally straightforward and allow for the assistant to operate independently. The perceived control or power is intrinsically motivating to the employee, as the decision of how to allocate time to the variety

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