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Question 1
The Montgomery Bus protests refer to the refusal of African Americans to board public buses in the capital of Alabama. The boycott occurred in 1955 after a black woman known as Rosa Parks was arrested for refusing to allocate her seat to a white man. Martin Luther King, who was a renowned civil rights leader, played a critical role in coordinating the protests. The boycott received support from various leaders across Alabama. For instance, the boycott was announced in churches and advertised in Montgomery Newspapers. The response from the public was unbelievable because it attracted the support of about 40,000 African Americans. Participation of about 90% of the African American population in the protests led to the end of segregation in the public transport sector. The court held that discrimination in the public transport system violated the constitution. Besides, the Fifth Amendment provides all people with equal rights and protections. The boycott ended on 1956 December after the public transport system encouraged integration per the Supreme Court ruling.

Question 2
The Abolitionist movement played the most significant role in shaping the history of the United States. The United States has had various social movements such as the Black Lives Matter and the Civil Rights Movement. However, it is accurate to state that the Abolitionist movement had the most significant impact. The Abolitionist movement led to the end of slavery by propelling the Civil War. The movement elicited emotions and created awareness of the adverse effects of slavery. Slavery played a critical role in running the American economy, making it nearly impossible to abolish. The movement increased animosity between the South and the North by demonizing slave owners and the slave system. The hatred and emotions made the civil war more personal and convinced more people that the practice was wrong. Therefore, without the Abolitionist movement, the Civil War would have taken longer to happen to delay the end of slavery. Thus, the abolitionist movement had the most significant impact in America because it helped free the black people from slavery.

Question 3
NAACP continues to play a critical role in advancing change for the people of color in the United States. The Interest Group was founded to end discrimination and segregation in education, housing, employment, transportation, and voting. The group currently focuses on eliminating violence among the youth and encouraging economic development among the people of color. Besides, the group urges African Americans to participate in political activities by voting. NAACP also affects change for African Americans through litigation, publicity efforts, and political lobbying. The group is also involved in speaking against excessive use of force by police officers against black communities.

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