Abcs of Iran: 26 Years of Revolution
Essay Preview: Abcs of Iran: 26 Years of Revolution
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Rice Urges Iran to Restart Talks
In the abstract at the beginning of the article, the reporter implies (without any evidence) that Iran has a nuclear arms program. The reporter does not even give the chance that maybe the government just wants to provide more energy for its people. In an age where the US has more nuclear weapons than any other country in the world, why is there such great concern about nuclear arms programs? If they are fearful of nuclear weapons, why not become a prime example and get rid of your own first? This hypocrisy has made America a prime target for the hatred and anger of many developing and undeveloped countries.

Iran has been the plaything of major world powers for many centuries: the Arab invasion, the manipulation by Great Britain, the offensive by Iraq, and the betrayal by the USA. Persians have constantly had to switch sides, fighting against their own brethren, perpetuating Irans internal conflict. During the Iran-Iraq War, America set the two countries against each other, hoping that in the end the USA would be able to take advantage of the oil-rich situation. In current day, America is again performing their same mischief.

America, the country with the most nuclear weapons in the world, has always sought to dominate and oppress Third-World and developing countries; losing dominance over the poor is not an option. CIA Director John Foster Dulles: “The poor people are the ones they [the Revolutionaries] appeal to and they have always wanted to plunder the rich.” Dulless ideology is congruent to the doctrine of many U.S. officials- that the rich should plunder the poor. The American position in the Iran-Iraq War was cynically described by Kissinger at the time as “It is in our interests for both sides to lose.”

According to Condoleezza Rice, “the Iranians need to get involved in negotiations and restore the confidence of the international community that they are not trying to build a nuclear weapon.” This would be wonderful to know where every existing nuclear bomb is located and what it is capable of at any given moment, but is this possible in this point in time? America feels it has no obligation to detail the locations of its nuclear weapons so why should anyone else? This is the key question when analyzing the USAs strong desire to find out about Irans nuclear program. Furthermore, at the end

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