Identify and Merchandise Products for the Marketplace, and Improve Supply Chain and Distribution Side
Essay Preview: Identify and Merchandise Products for the Marketplace, and Improve Supply Chain and Distribution Side
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[pic 1]ELP 2015-16: Expression of InterestTeam InformationNo.Student NamePG IDMobile No.Class Section1Kunal Krishnan61610176+91 9953458345I2Bhagawat Rawat61610297+91 9913844737I3Srinivasan Gopalakrishnan61610391+91 8197222250I4Nakul Jayadevan61610812+91 9884024014K5Arpit Gupta61610882+91 8698689079KPreference ELP No. Title of the Project1ELP-034Identify and merchandise products for the marketplace, and improve supply chain and distribution side. Projects being applied for:- I agree to take up this project, as a part of this team, if the team is selected.

Please type in e-mail ids of the team members:-1.        [email protected]        2.        [email protected].        [email protected].        [email protected].        [email protected] following consumer decision-making funnel and the operational process chain reflect our understanding in terms of the objectives and various challenges that need to be addressed, and corresponding solution strategies and the impact they will have on the top line and bottom line of Deal TV.Marketing Strategy at various stages of consumer decision making process[pic 2]Operational value chain covering the Order-to-Cash cycle[pic 3][pic 4][pic 5][pic 6]                Solution Example – Inventory and Forecasting process[pic 7]Inventory Parameters[pic 8]Inventory Optimization Model[pic 9]Team: We have formed our team ensuring that we bring in skill sets that align well with the needs of the project. Underlying our diverse backgrounds and industry experience are the core competencies of operations, supply chain management, e-commerce and inbound and outbound marketing, which will be ideal for the project which runs through the entire value chain.

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