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[pic 4] Group Name4TUNERSGroup MembersGenevieve OsariemenAnand SoniSudheer SangarajuSiddharth GuptaTABLE OF CONTENTSEXECUTIVE SUMMARY        3CURRENT MARKET SCENARIO        3MARKET DESCRIPTION        3PRODUCT REVIEW        4BEGINNER LEVEL        5INTERMEDIATE LEVEL        5EXPERT LEVEL        6SPECIAL YOGA        6COMPETITION REVIEW        7STRATEGIC FOCUS AND PLAN        9The Mission        9Objectives        10Issues        10MARKETING STRATEGY        10BRANDING        10POSITIONING        11BUDGETS        11References        14        EXECUTIVE SUMMARYMantra Yoga Studio specializes in a fusion style of yoga that helps individuals develop and integrate their body, mind, and spirit. Yoga methodically stretches and builds up muscles throughout the body. It improves blood circulation to internal body organs and quiets the nervous system. Yoga also improves concentration and keeps the human mind in a sound state. Mantra initiates fun yoga sessions that will be exciting to millennials. Instructors at Mantra are licensed yoga professionals and are winners of many internationally acclaimed yoga competitions.Mantra pledges to assist its customers to improve their health and lifestyle along with spiritual well-being, a true priceless health advantage.Yoga practices at Mantra are heart-oriented and spiritually inspiring with a deep knowledge of optimal body alignment in various poses. Mantra instructors encourage their students to be in tune with their bodies, respect their wisdom and to progress at their own pace. Apart from classified yoga practices, Mantra also offers special programs that takes care of expecting mothers (prenatal) and therapy packages for mind and anger control.Mantra Yoga Studio offers classes throughout the year and various monthly workshops are conducted. Considering vast techniques in yoga, we also provide demo classes to help individuals make a choice among one of the techniques based on their comfort level. Mantra features progressive teaching methods, a non-competitive and promising atmosphere with pleasant interior. Mantra has its own boutique to sell comfortable and elegant yoga outfits and other training materials to make it easier and an enjoyable experience for individuals.CURRENT MARKET SCENARIOMARKET DESCRIPTIONThe Mantra Yoga Studio will focus on one customer group: Vancouver Island University Students. This target market was derived as a result of the need for stress relief among students that we identified using both quantitative (survey) and qualitative (observation) methods.This target market is further segmented into the following categories:Geographic: The target market is located in Nanaimo, BC Canada.Demographic: The target market’s demography is broken down below;Age:  18-45Health/Lifestyle issues: Active/Semi-active individualsMantra’s selling point: Offers stress relief services to Vancouver Island University Students and its proximity to the university is an added bonus. Students can attend sessions with course mates or friends as part of a group activity and our sessions include attractive routines for the target group.The market segment strategy Mantra Yoga studio employs must be tailored to work within the time constraints of the target customer and the focus of the instruction will be tailored to students that will be seeking maximum relief from the Psychological and physical pressures of school.  If Mantra Yoga Studio can deliver a noticeable difference in the students sense of well-being, then the students will come to depend on our yoga classes as a daily escape of school pressures.  These kinds of experiences will lead to word of mouth advertising and bring in more first time students.We chose this market group because we have identified through observation that this group are faced with various health and wellness issues like the following;Mental stress: Canadian postsecondary students feel stressed, overwhelmed, and lonely and some have even considered suicide in the past year, a new study in the Canadian press suggested (Miller, 2013). This can be caused by stress and anxiety because of pressures of dealing with academic careers, which if not identified and dealt with in time can lead to depression and other mental health issues. Lack of sleep: A study carried out in 2001 in the journal of American college health found that only 11% of college students in a sample of 191 undergraduates had good quality sleep. This is also a big problem in colleges in Canada as recent studies have shown, which can negatively affect the health and wellbeing of college students.Lack of Exercise: Weight problems are very common among college students. This can cause health issues like chronic back aches, skewed postures, muscle and joint aches and general lack of fitness. Adults ideally should be active at least for 3 hours a week and students don’t get enough exercise.Lack of Spiritual connection: A recent study carried out by UCLA’s higher Education Research Institute, found that college students with high levels of religious or spiritual involvement and commitment report better emotional and mental health than those with no involvement (Miller, 2013). This means that students who are highly spiritual are less likely to feel depressed or go through psychological distress and a lack of spiritual connection among students can lead to stress and emotional instability (Miller, 2013).At Mantra yoga studio, we aim to provide solutions for the wellness and fitness challenges faced by students in Vancouver Island University, by establishing a yoga center that will be positively beneficial to our target market. Currently, the Nanaimo campus of Vancouver Island University has over 6,000 students. We believe that a yoga center will be very attractive to the students if we develop a program that fits the time schedules of their educational careers. Our location is within easy walking distance from the University which is an added advantage.

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