What Are the Strategies That Used by Digi.Com Bhd in Order to Increase Their Brand Image
Essay Preview: What Are the Strategies That Used by Digi.Com Bhd in Order to Increase Their Brand Image
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What Are The Strategies That Used By Digi.Com Bhd In Order To Increase Their Brand Image
Digi is a one of the wide and famous telecommunications in Malaysia, which is known by every single in the Malaysia. In addition Prior to the liberalization of the telecommunications industry in Malaysia, Digi had a virtual monopoly on telecommunications services in Malaysia. Other than that, Digi Telecommunications Sdn. Bhd is one of the major telecommunication company monopolised the mobile phone service market. Besides, what are the strategies that used by Digi.Com Bhd in order to increase their brand image? The strategies are as follows.

First and foremost, promote 3G Wireless Broadband Service is one of the strategies used by Digi.Com Bhd in order to increase their brand image. Chief executive officer, Johan Dennelind(2009) said that, domestic 3G Wireless Broadband Service market is being set to shake up with superior service. Moreover, Digi 3G Wireless Broadband Service, which divided to different catagories for light, mderate and heavy users, is still consistency in speed, transparency in operation and getting it right from the onset. Besides, as a comparison to Celcom broadband, Digi sets a lower price, RM 58 and higher networks capability of speed for its consumers. To expand the market, Digi also will preside its 3G voice and data services for mobile phone in order to increase their brand image. Thus, Digi 3G Wireless Broadband Service has used lower price to attract the consumers, in the same time increase their brand image.

In addition, Digi also use the cheaper plans to advance their image and reputation. Digis highest iPhone plan costs RM88 for each month. It is cheaper and more beneficial than other telecommunications companies in Malaysia, such as Maxis, U-mobile, Hotlink and host of others. Besides, Digis plan is all in one monthly fee of RM 106 including commitment of 36 months without upfront payents. Others than that, John Denneliined (2010) mentioned that, Digi received large orders of iPhone by the consumers and he added, what they had done is differentiate their strategy. From here, it is showed that this plan was successfully attracted most of the consumers as it is increasing the brand image of the company. Thus, Digi has become more acceptable by consumers because of using the lower price plans which had deeply memorize by people; in the meantime, it is increasing the reputation and image of the company.

Apart from that, according to Biz.TheStar (2010) the strategy of Green Initiatives is used by Digi.Com Bhd since 2008 to raise the awareness. Additionally, Digi is now practically identical with green initiatives and it is the largest “green investors” in the country. Initiatives which Digi.Com Bhd prohibits its employees have to arrange their waste

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