Ethical Decisions
Lakisha BushHCS/335Beryl Keegan04/04/2016Ethical DecisionsEthical decision is the action or procedure of analyzing and evaluating other methods and techniques making sure it is aligned with ethical principles. When making ethical decisions and choices there is an obligation to become aware and discard unethical option and choose what’s best and what’s ethical. It’s not hard to practice good behavior. Ethics, a moral philosophy that involve a system of organizing, securing and recommending ideas of right and wrong behavior.In my line of work ethical choices and decisions has to be made every day, every hour, every minute, and every second. Making an ethical decision not only reflects you as a worker, but also reflects your people skills, you as a team member, wife, husband, part of the organization working for, and I feel it just reflects us as a whole and not just one thing. There is a saying that your attitude or personality can make the ugliest person beautiful or the most beautiful ugly. I tend to think this has a lot to do with ethics; the way we behave and whether or not there have been standards set and aligned with ethic principles and choices. I have been working in healthcare for over eight years and every minute of my life down to the last second I have to make ethical choices that will indicate and have a positive outcome on myself and the company I work for.  In identifying two ethical theories I feel that support my above example in the work place I feel the first would be consequentialism for the fact it relates to the way things turn out, and the result or effect of action that is taking place, or has taken place. Another theory I feel that is supportive is principlism since it’s one of the approached used in the health care industry. Principlism highlight four key steps and according to the four key elements are (autonomy, beneficence, non-malificence, and justice).  No matter what level of employee you are within the organization or company you are working for you will always find yourself solving problems and making choices. Depending on choice made is the result of what the outcome will be. There are steps that a manager can take to solve work place conflict and issues. First thing to be done is defining and identifying the problem,  developing different solutions or approaches to take, choose which approach or solution you will put into plan to solve the problem. In my honest opinion I believe that the size of the problem would depend on steps to take and time taking to resolve the issue. Ethical theories can impact one’s life whether it is personal or professional.  The moral judgement of one’s behavior can be a heavy impact on a person overall. Our thoughts affect our words and our words can affect the next individual. Ethics is not something that is here to judge our right from wrong behavior. To me it’s more of an establishing and understanding the full meaning of ethics principles and theories to better yourself as a person and as a professional.

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