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Loosing Your Childhood
Essay Preview: Loosing Your Childhood
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Children are losing their childhood! Every person has three stages they must go through. The first stage is being a child then they become teenagers and finally adults. Sadly in the 21st century child hood is being skipped for lots of reasons, some of them are because of technology that includes internet and lots of other stuff. But the question here should children be treated like adults and whats their effects.

One of the first reasons why children shouldnt be treated like adults that their still dependent for that reason they cant support their self financially or even live alone. Children in these ages arent mature which means children might misunderstand and take wrong dictions about sexual stuff or in life. If children dont live their child hood it will reflect them when they become adults as a result they might become depressed are very moody or even an abuse person. Children who think their self as adults might deal with drugs, smoke or even drink which will lead to many health problems and in the end they might die. People who skip their child hood might also affect them in school they will have hard times with those who are living their child hood and might even fail in his class because his always on the laptop or surfing the net. Even those girls who begin putting make up in young ages they might have a serious problems in her future because some makeup may cause cancer or make them look old in a very young age.

People who skip their child hood may commit crime without knowing its consequences; they will be send to jail or become a bad person in the society. They could even shout a person kill them and not know that this will lead them to be executed in some cases. When youre a child youre affected to lots of bacteria and sunlight these all help you become a more healthy and powerful man, and only happens when youre a kid. One of the great ironies of turning our children into small adults is that society has become less successful at producing truly mature men and women. When sophisticated children grow up, they often find themselves unable to accept real adult and have lots of emotional problems that they will carry these problems to their own future children.

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